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Configuring Email Reminders and Notifications

Setting Global Reminders and Escalation Policies

If an approver assigned to an access request has not taken action on it, you need the ability to automatically remind them that their review is required. If too much time passes, you need to be able to escalate the issue by sending information to someone who can enforce your approval policy.

For API information about how to set these reminders and escalations globally for your IdentityNow site, see Update Access Request Configuration.

A task runs in the background on a daily basis at 12 am UTC to determine if any approvals meet the criteria for sending a reminder or an escalation.


  • By default, no reminders or escalations are sent.
  • If you're making these API calls, you'll need to use on of our supported authentication methods. As a best practice SailPoint recommends using OAuth 2. The endpoint you use must be changed slightly based on the authentication method. For more details, see Authentication​.

Escalation Pattern

When the criteria for an escalation has been met, the escalation email is sent to the following people in the system in order:

  • Approver 2 - Manager of the original approver

  • Approver 3 - 2nd level manager of the original approver

  • Fallback Approver - An individual designated by this API to complete the request if all previous approvers fail to meet the deadline


If you define an escalation policy to enforce approvals, it may result in a unique workflow where a request gets escalated to the original person who requested the access, either for themselves or on behalf of someone else, essentially overriding the restriction in place to prevent this from happening.

Email Templates

You can customize the emails that users see when requesting, reviewing, or reassigning access requests using the following email templates: