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SailPoint Virtual Appliances

In order to securely communicate with your organization's systems, SailPoint uses Virtual Appliances (VAs) to connect your IdentityNow cloud platform and on-premise applications. A VA is a Linux-based virtual machine that connects to your sources and apps using SailPoint APIs, connectors, and integrations.


Cloud applications are considered "on-premise" because they are private clouds reserved for use only by your organization.

The VA is provided as a virtual disk image. Each VA is deployed on your infrastructure and managed by SailPoint. SailPoint maintains, patches, and upgrades the VA software.

SailPoint doesn’t connect directly to the VA, so each VA must be able to make continuous outbound-only calls to the cloud environment to execute actions such as:

  • Polling the cluster queue for requested actions like data aggregation and access provisioning
  • Installing patches
  • Updating images

To use SailPoint VAs, you must:

  • Procure the hardware or hypervisor necessary to host the VA image
  • Ensure proper connectivity to the cloud
  • Monitor your VA health


For a list of the services that run on the virtual appliance, refer to the Virtual Appliance Troubleshooting Guide using your SailPoint Compass login.