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Time Zones Settings

Initially, all Identity Security Cloud tenants are set to the time zone CST/CDT. The tenant's time zone can be updated using the API. This is used as the default time zone setting for some timestamped features.


  • Users configuring schedules should be aware that when they apply a schedule to a task, that task might use the tenant's time zone rather than the time zone used by their browsers.
  • If a task is scheduled for a time zone that uses daylight savings time, the schedule will be automatically updated during the associated time change. For example, if a scheduled search takes place at 8 AM EST, the time will be automatically updated to 8 AM EDT during daylight savings time. This excludes activity associated with a virtual appliance cluster.

Refer to the table for more information on scheduled features and features with a timestamp, and the time zones they use.

Scheduled Feature Applied Time Zone
Activity on the Admin dashboard Uses current browser settings.
Aggregations and Aggregation Activity Logs Uses the virtual appliance cluster time zone. Refer to Scheduling Aggregations for details. VA cluster time zones do not observe daylight savings time.
Audit Reports Uses UTC time zone.
Feature Activity Reports (eg. Certification reports) Uses UTC time zone.
Identity Processing Uses tenant time zone.
Scheduled Certifications Uses time zone selected during scheduling.
Scheduled Searches Uses time zone selected during scheduling.
Scheduled SoD Reports Uses time zone selected during scheduling.
Search CSV Reports Uses GMT time zone.
Search Results Uses current browser settings.
Work Reassignment Schedules Uses time zone selected during scheduling.

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