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Activity Insights

IdentityNow pulls in activity data in the form of events like user logins, password changes, and content updates within the application. You can view an identity’s activity data within an application to discover trends for that user.

You can use this activity data to:

  • Determine whether a user has used an application.
  • Determine how often a user uses an application.
  • Inform decision-making in certifications.

To get started, you'll set up the activity insights sources. After IdentityNow has gathered account and activity data, you can then view activity insights in the following features:

  • Access History - Users can view the number of times that identities logged in to an application and compare these numbers to the company’s average.
  • Access Modeling – Users can view the percentage of identities that engaged with an entitlement’s source during the past 90 days. Selecting a specific identity displays their source activity to help users make more accurate role assignments.
  • Certifications - Users can view the number of days an identity was active for a 90-day period. This information can be used to determine if an identity should retain access to an entitlement.