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Discovering Application Sources

You can find applications your organization can onboard automatically using a discovery source or by manually uploading a .csv of application source information. This can speed up the process of adding applications to be governed in Identity Security Cloud.

Available Discovery Sources

Discovery sources are sources that are capable of discovering applications in your organization. The following SailPoint source types can be configured as discovery sources:


  • All Okta instances in your tenant with the application entitlement type will be considered Discovered Applications.
  • Okta app names are formatted on the Discovered Applications page using the app label, or name of the application provided by the customer, and the Okta application name.

Discovering Applications Automatically

You can automatically discover applications using discovery sources, which search for applications your organization has onboarded or can onboard. You can create a discovery source or use an existing one.

  1. Go to Admin > Connections > Sources.
  2. Select Discovered Applications from the left navigation bar.
  3. Select Discover Applications.

    • Choose Create a Discovery Source to create a source capable of application discovery.
    • Select Use an Existing Source for Discovery to choose an existing source.
  4. Select Continue.

  5. Complete your source configuration, ensuring you have successfully tested your source connection under Review and Test.

When the source configuration is complete, you can select Discover Applications to start an entitlement aggregation that will use the application entitlement type to discover applications in your organization. You can then view the discovered applications and create sources from them.


Discovery sources do not have to be authoritative.

Manually Uploading Applications

You can manually add a list of applications to be governed in Identity Security Cloud.


Each .csv should contain a unique set of applications. Adding the same application to multiple .csv uploads will result in duplicate applications in Identity Security Cloud.

  1. Go to Admin > Connections > Sources.
  2. Select Discovered Applications from the left navigation bar.
  3. Select Manual Upload.
  4. Select Download Template and update the .csv with the names and descriptions of the new applications to add.
  5. Choose Upload CSV and select the template you updated.

The applications will be processed and added to the Discovered Applications list.

Creating Sources from Discovered Applications

After you have added a discovery source or uploaded a .csv of applications, you can create sources for the applications from the Discovered Applications page.

Identity Security Cloud will display recommendations for the application sources you can onboard by matching the Source Type and Source Name from the discovered application. If no matches are found, you will receive recommendations for generic connectors like JDBC, SCIM 1.1, Web Services, and Delimited Files.

To create a source from Discovered Applications:

  1. Go to Admin > Connections > Sources.
  2. Select Discovered Applications from the left navigation bar.
  3. Find the name of the discovered application on the list and select Create Source in the Actions column.
  4. Select Configure on the source you want to create and complete the configuration. Refer to the SailPoint Connector documentation for guidance on specific configurations.

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