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Configuring Okta for CIEM

You can use Okta with CIEM to identify cloud access by roles federated with an identity provider. You can have multiple instances of the Okta app with different names.

To configure Okta to work with SailPoint CIEM, you must:

  1. Configure the AWS Account Federation app in Okta.
  2. Create an application token.
  3. Find and save your application ID.

Finding Your Application ID

To find an application ID of the Okta instance you want to onboard:

  1. Log in to Okta and go to the admin portal.

  2. Select Applications.

  3. Search for the name of the AWS instance you want to onboard and select it.

  4. Once you have selected the application, copy and save the application ID embedded in the URL.

  5. Repeat this process for the instances you want to include. You'll enter these in the Application ID field when you connect Okta and CIEM.