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Monitoring Provisioning

Monitor provisioning activities using the Provisioning Activity report or the IdentityNow Admin interface.

When troubleshooting provisioning events, you may want to review other reports related to provisioning, such as identity and source activity reports. Refer to Audit Reports and Monitoring for more information.

Using the Provisioning Activity Report

The Provisioning Activity report provides information about individual provisioning events. The report can be viewed online or downloaded. The online version of the report is a table with selectable events that show complete event details on a new page. The downloaded report contains the table of events, with all the event details in the table.

To view the Provisioning Activity report:

  1. Go to Search.
  2. Select Reports from the left menu and select Provisioning Activity.

    The Events tab displays, providing a complete list of provisioning activities.

    The results of a search for provisioning activity.

  3. Select the Column Chooser icon in the upper-right corner of the table to choose additional information to display in the grid view.

  4. Select an event to view the event details.

To download the report, select the Download icon in the upper-right corner of the table. The report contains the table of the results of your search query for provisioning events.

Using the Admin Interface

To see a list of the past week's IdentityNow provisioning activities, go to Admin > Identity Management > Activities.

The Provisioning Activities table shows the last 7 days of provisioning activities and their current status.

The Provisioning Activities table's Group column contains an ID associated with sets of related provisioning activities. When a set of provisioning activities occur in IdentityNow as the result of a single action, those activities share the same group ID number.

The Status column describes where the activity is in the provisioning process. In the case of completed activities, the Status column indicates whether or not provisioning was successful.

Activity Status Description
Committed The provisioned change has been performed on the source system, but it hasn’t been verified yet in IdentityNow.
Failed The provisioned change did not get made on the source system.
Success The provisioned change was made on the source system.
Not Verifiable IdentityNow is unable to determine whether the change was made. Please check the source system.
Pending The change is being processed by the source system.
Retrying The change failed once, and IdentityNow is sending the change to the source system again.

Select the Information icon next to the activity's status to display detailed information about the activity on a single page.