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Password Management Overview

Identity Security Cloud Password Management simplifies password administration and updates across your account sources and applications. Use it to enforce consistent and strong password policies across a wide variety of apps and sources to increase your company’s security.

For example, you might have several apps that use the same Active Directory password, including Concur, GoToMeeting, and Rally. You can configure your AD source so that when a user changes their Concur password other related apps will also be updated simultaneously.

List of password policies in the Admin Console.

Use Password Management to:

  • Tailor and enforce consistent and strong password requirements for different sources using password policies.
  • Change the password shared by multiple direct connect sources and the apps connected to those sources simultaneously by using sync groups.
  • Configure advanced options such as using a password dictionary and accessing Password Management using URLs.

To get started, complete your Identity Security Cloud setup and select the Password Management checkbox on supported sources.

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