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Certification Campaign Status Information and Reports

Viewing Certification Campaign Reports

You can review various reports about a certification campaign to learn more about it. All reports remain available to you indefinitely as long as the campaign remains in either the Active or Completed tab. Once you delete the campaign, the reports are deleted as well.

  1. In the Admin interface, go to Certifications > Campaigns. A list of campaigns is displayed.

  2. In the Reports column of the campaign you want to review, select View.

    The Campaign Reports dialog box is displayed and might include any of the following reports. Select Generate to create a report that reflects the most recent status of the campaign.

  3. To view the report, select CSV or PDF to open your preferred file type.


Uncorrelated accounts are not included in certification campaigns. To resolve uncorrelated accounts, see Managing Uncorrelated Accounts.

Campaign Composition Report

This report describes the configuration of the certification campaign, including the name, description, due date, email settings, and campaign filter used for any certification campaign. This report is not available for campaigns that use exclusion rules created by SailPoint support.

Campaign Exclusion Report

This report contains a list of all entitlements that were excluded from the campaign by a campaign filter,as well as details about these entitlements.

The Campaign Exclusion Report is disabled by default but can be enabled by API. For more information on APIs and campaign reports, see the API Reference Guide.

Campaign Status Report​

This report contains the status of all access items in the campaign.

Campaign Remediation Status Report​

This report is available after an administrator has completed a campaign. It contains the current state of any items that were disapproved during the certification campaign.

Certification Sign Off Report​

This report lists each active and completed certification. Certifications that have been approved are listed at the top of the report and include the reviewer and the date they signed off on the certification.