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Reassigning Certifications

If you need someone other than the original reviewer to approve or revoke the access rights of users at your company, you can reassign your certifications from one user to another. This may be helpful if a reviewer is on leave, unable to finish their certifications, or if you have a team of security professionals assigned to review access.

When you reassign a certification, IdentityNow validates that the user being certified won't be reviewing their own access. If a reviewer has already signed off on their certification, you can't reassign that certification to another user.

Reassigning Individual Certifications

If a reviewer is unable to complete their certifications, reassign their certifications to another user.


  • You must have created a certification campaign that is either started or in preview mode.

  • One or more of the reviewers involved in the campaign has not yet signed off on their certifications.

To reassign individual certifications:

  1. Go to Admin > Certifications > Campaigns.

  2. Select Details for the campaign that includes certifications you want to reassign.

  3. Select Reassign to open the Certification Reassignment window.

    You can also select the checkbox beside the name of each user whose certifications you want to reassign and then select Reassign.

  4. In the Reassign To: field, select the user you want to reassign the certification to.

  5. Under Reason For Reassignment, enter the reason why this certification is being reassigned.

    Best Practice

    Include your name in the reasoning, so the new reviewer can contact you with any questions.

  6. Select Reassign to submit the reassignment request.

Repeat these steps for all the certifications that you need to reassign.

Automatically Reassigning Certifications

You can automatically reassign certifications as they are generated by creating work reassignments.