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Reassigning Certifications

If you need to have someone other than the original reviewer approve or revoke the access rights of users at your company, you can reassign your certifications from one user to another. This might be helpful if a reviewer is on leave, unable to finish their certifications, or if you have a team of security professionals assigned to review access.

When you reassign a certification, IdentityNow validates that a user cannot certify their own access. In other words, you cannot delegate a reviewer's certification reviews to their direct report. Also, if a reviewer has already signed off on their certification, you can't reassign that certification to another user.

Reassigning Individual Certifications

If a reviewer is unable to complete their certifications, reassign their certifications to another user.


  • You must have created a certification campaign that is either started or in preview mode.

  • One or more of the reviewers involved in the campaign has not yet signed off on their certifications.

To reassign individual certifications:

  1. From the Admin interface, go to Certifications > Campaigns.

  2. Select the name of the campaign you want to edit. You'll see a list of reviewers for the campaign.

  3. Select the checkbox beside the name of each user whose certifications you want to reassign to a specific reviewer.

  4. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Reassign to open the Certification Reassignment window.

  5. In the To: field, enter the name of the user you're reassigning the campaign to.

  6. Under Reason For Reassignment, enter the reason this certification is being reassigned.

    Best Practice

    Include your name in the Reason for Reassignment so that the new reviewer can contact you with any questions.

  7. Select Send to submit the reassignment request.

Repeat steps 3-7 for all certifications that you need to reassign.

Automatically Reassigning Certifications

In the event that you have a manager away on extended leave or a team of security professionals assigned to review the access of your high-level employees, you can reassign certifications using a CSV file known as a mapping file.


You cannot reassign source owner campaigns or certification campaigns that have already been started.

Prerequisite: All the users in mapping files must have been loaded into the system through a flat file feed or a direct connect source that is configured to be used for accounts and has a related identity profile.

To automatically reassign certifications:

  1. Go to Admin > Certifications > Reassign Certifications.

  2. Select Download to get a copy of the template you'll use to create the reassignment mappings.

  3. Open the .csv file for editing.

  4. In the originalRecipient column, type the IdentityNow user name of the manager who would normally receive the certification. This must match the contents of Account ID for the identity in the Identities List.

  5. In the newRecipient column, type the user name of the person who you want to reassign the certification to.

  6. Save the file as a .csv file, then return to the interface and select Import.

After the file is imported successfully, the reassignments are displayed in the Current Reassignments grid, along with the date the last reassignment file was imported. Users with new certifications assigned to them receive a Certification Reassignment email.

To change reassignments:

  • You can overwrite the current reassignments by uploading a new file.

  • You can reset to the default certification assignments by selecting Remove All.