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CIEM Cloud Governance

SailPoint's Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) complements IdentityNow's identity governance connectors to provide a deeper view of your users’ cloud entitlements. SailPoint's CIEM enhances governance capability by showing the effective access of entitlements to a resource and the user's entitlement activity in your cloud infrastructure.

Once you have connected your cloud infrastructure, you can allow certifiers of certification campaigns to view the access paths between identities and resources within your cloud infrastructure.

To get started, you must configure your cloud service providers and connect them to IdentityNow.

Viewing CIEM Event Logs

When your cloud access data is pulled into IdentityNow, you can use Search to view logs about CIEM events.

  • - Allows you to view events generated by the CIEM system.

  • type:CIEM_SOURCE_MANAGEMENT - Allows you to view events related to CIEM source management.

  • type:CIEM_TEST_CONNECTION - Allows you to view logs of test connection successes and failures.