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Provisioning Overview

Ensuring users quickly get access to the systems and data they need to perform their jobs – and nothing more – is key to operating efficiently and securely.

IdentityNow Provisioning enables you to create, update, and remove user access across your organization and its applications, based on factors such as hiring employment status and job requirements.

Provisioning user access with IdentityNow is easy and secure, and can be configured to happen automatically. IdentityNow helps your organization avoid excess access by adjusting and removing user access as change happens.

Avoid excess access by automatically adjusting user access based on the changes occurring within your organization.

For example, when a new employee joins your company:

  • IdentityNow grants them access to applications based on what they need for their job.
  • If they change jobs, their access is automatically adjusted.
  • If they leave the organization, their access is automatically revoked.


  • Enable a secure remote workforce with access to all essential applications
  • Quickly onboard new users with the tools and access they need on day one
  • Automatically modify or revoke access as users change roles in the organization
  • Validate access and approvals with detailed audit trails explaining how access was handled, even during times of change
  • Increase IT efficiency by automating routine access changes and decreasing the possibility of human error