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Configuring Google Cloud Platform

To configure Google Cloud Platform to work with SailPoint CIEM, you'll need to set up the project, accounts, APIs, and roles with the minimum set of permissions required to display your organization hierarchy.

Use an administrator role in the Google Cloud Platform Console and follow the directions to register your GCP account with SailPoint CIEM.

Creating Project and Service Accounts

You will need a project and attached service accounts to connect to your organization. Ensure you have selected the organization as the scope.

Follow the Google Cloud documentation to:

  1. Create a new project.

  2. Enable and add the following APIs:

    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Cloud Resource Manager
    • Admin SDK

    Additional APIs may be needed to process new types of resources.

  3. Create a service account.

  4. Create a service account key. You will enter this when connecting GCP and CIEM.


    The service account key allows the code to provide credentials to the API and will generate a JSON file. Any application can access the organization through this JSON file, so save it in a secure place.

You must now create a custom role to grant the service account access to an organization.

Granting Service Account Access to an Organization

Once you have created service accounts for the project, you must grant those accounts a set of read-only access to your Google Cloud Platform organization.

Follow the Google Cloud documentation to:

  1. Create a custom role in your organization with the required permissions.

    Required Permissions
    Permissions Description
    cloudasset.assets.searchAllIamPolicies Retrieve all policies attached to resources using GCP’s Cloud Asset Inventory API
    cloudasset.assets.searchAllResources Retrieve list of resources using GCP’s Cloud Asset Inventory API
    iam.roles.list List roles and relevant metadata
    iam.serviceAccounts.getIamPolicy Get the access control policy for a service account
    iam.serviceAccounts.list List service accounts and relevant metadata
    logging.logEntries.list List logging entries
    resourcemanager.folders.getIamPolicy Get the access control policy for a folder
    resourcemanager.folders.list List folders and relevant metadata
    resourcemanager.organizations.get Get the specified organization resource by ID
    resourcemanager.organizations.getIamPolicy Get the access control policy for an Organization
    resourcemanager.projects.get Get the specified project resource by ID
    resourcemanager.projects.getIamPolicy Get the access control policy for a project
    resourcemanager.projects.list List projects and relevant metadata
  2. Grant access to that role.

Granting Service Account Access to the Domain

You must grant the service account access to your Google admin domain and determine the access and privileges assigned to your service account.

Follow the Google Identity documentation to delegate domain-wide authority to the service account.

  • In the Client ID field, enter the client ID that was generated when you created the service account. This can be found in the Service Accounts details page.
  • In the OAuth scopes (comma-delimited) field, add:

Configuring a Restricted Admin Role

SailPoint CIEM must assume a Google Cloud Provider admin role to build the organization hierarchy and read identities (users, roles, groups). You can use the default admin role or configure a custom admin role with more restricted permissions.

To create an admin role with the minimum required permissions to be used by SailPoint CIEM, follow the Google Workspace documentation to:

  1. Create a custom role with the following privileges.

    • Organizational Units - Read

    • Users - Read

    • Groups - Select the checkbox.

    • Directory Sync - Manage Directory Sync Settings (which will automatically select Read Directory Sync Settings)

    • Corresponding Admin API privileges will be automatically selected.

  2. Assign the role to an existing admin or create an admin user to receive the role. You will use their email as the Admin Email when connecting GCP and SailPoint CIEM.

SailPoint CIEM will be able to assume the role with the set permissions when you connect your GCP organization with SailPoint CIEM.

Using the Command-Line Interface

You can optionally set up your GCP configuration using the command-line interface. Follow the Google Cloud documentation to install and initialize the gCloud CLI.

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