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Resetting a User's Password and Authentication Preferences

If a user has forgotten their password or strong authentication information, you can initiate a password reset or enable them to edit their strong authentication preferences so they can regain access to your system.

Initiating a Password Reset

You can change a user's password if they need help or you believe their account may be compromised.

  1. Go to Admin > Identity Management > Identities.

  2. Select the identity who needs their password changed.

  3. Select the Actions menu > Reset Password.

  4. Choose the email address to send the password reset email to and select Send.

The user will receive an email with instructions for setting a new SailPoint password based on the password reset and user unlock methods set in the identity profile.

Best Practice

Be aware of how changing this password might interact with pass-through authenticationsources and sources in related password sync groups.

Inviting Users to Edit Authentication Preferences

If a user no longer has their authentication information, you can reset their identity to deregister their account. They will receive a new invitation email, where they can re-register and edit their strong authentication preferences.

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