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Configuring IdentityNow Session Lengths

By default, your IdentityNow org is configured with the following settings:

  • Session Length - The default is 12 hours and sessions end when the user closes the window.

  • Idle Session Expiration - The default is 15 minutes.

You can edit these values to make them more suitable for your specific environment.

To update the maximum session length or the idle expiration:

  1. In the Admin interface, go to Global > Security Settings > Session Management.

  2. In the Maximum Session Length section, choose a length of time to serve as the maximum session length for users.

    The maximum length of time you can choose is 7 days.

  3. Choose whether to select or clear the End the session when the browser is closed checkbox.

    If this option is unselected, users will be able to access IdentityNow without reauthenticating as long as the session is valid.

    In addition, if this checkbox is selected, the Remember Me checkbox on the sign-in page disappears, so that users are always required to enter their usernames before authenticating into the SaaS Platform.


    This option isn’t enforced when using Chrome with the “Continue where you left off” On startup option enabled in the browser’s settings. When this option is selected, the IdentityNow Admin’s tabs are restored upon the browser reopening without requiring strong authentication.

  4. Under Idle Session Expiration, choose the length of time a user's browser can remain idle before they are signed out of SailPoint's SaaS platform automatically.

These changes will be applied when users sign out and sign back in. They are not applied to active sessions.