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Using the Task Manager

The Task Manager allows you to review and manage tasks that you must complete in an external system. For example, you may need to create or update an account within your organization's HR system. In your Task Manager, you can review all the details you need to finish the task and mark it as complete.

Example of a user's tasks

Completing tasks

You may be tasked with completing one of the following actions:

Task Definition
Add an Attribute Add a value to an attribute
Create an Account Create a new account on the source
Certification Items Revoked by Remove all entitlements listed in the task. This task is generated when a reviewer revokes items in an access review or certification.
Disable an Account Temporarily disable an account on the source. The user won't have access to this account.
Enable an Account Enable a disabled account
Remove an Attribute Remove a value from an attribute
Set an Attribute Change the current value of an attribute to a new value
Unlock an Account Unlock a user's locked account

To complete a task:

  1. From your Dashboard, select the My Tasks widget.

    You can also select Task Manager from the navigation menu.

  2. Select a task from the list to review the details of that task. For example, if you need to add an attribute, you'll see a list of attributes and values to define for the account.


    For some sources, you may need to select Show Details for additional information about the task. You can also select the Identity tab to display more information about the identity.

  3. Complete the task as described.

  4. Select Mark Complete to mark the task as complete.

After you have completed your task, it will appear in the Completed tab. You can use the information in this tab to help your organization keep records of completed work.

Reassigning tasks

You can reassign a task to another user if they are better suited for the task. Choose the task to reassign and then select the Reassign button. In the Reassign To field, select the user to reassign the task to. Enter comments about the task in the Add Comments field and then select Reassign.