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Application Health Email Template

If you have configured system notification emails for your organization, the Application Health email is sent when an application changes status in your system.


Any email address can be configured to receive this notification. If the email specified does not correspond to an IdentityNow user account, the global variable user will not be populated for use in this email message.

Name: Application Health

Subject: The application 'name' is now in #if (healthy) a Healthy #{else} an Unhealthy #end state.


Dear recipient,

The application '$name' has been in #if ($healthy) a Healthy #{else} an Unhealthy #end state #if ($since) since $since ago. #end

Please sign in to $PRODUCT_NAME for more information.

Thank you,


You are receiving this email because your email address was configured to receive $PRODUCT_NAME notification emails.


This email template uses version 1 global variables and the following template-specific attributes:

Name Type Description
healthy Boolean The Healthy or Unhealthy status of the app.
name String The name of the application that changed status.
since String The time since the application changed status.