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Activity Insights - Dropbox

To display activity data from Dropbox, you must create an OAuth application and generate a refresh token in Dropbox. You’ll then configure the following required sources so that Identity Security Cloud can gather your account information and display activity data.

Required Connectors

Connectors Description
Dropbox The identity governance connector allows you to manage your Dropbox users and accounts in Identity Security Cloud.
Activity Insights - Dropbox The Activity Insights connector works with your Dropbox identity governance connector to provide activity data for identities.

Creating an OAuth Application in Dropbox

Before Activity Insights can display in Identity Security Cloud, you must create an OAuth app in Dropbox.

  1. Select the Menu icon > App Center.

  2. Select Build an App under Manage in the navigation menu.

  3. Select Create apps.

  4. Select Scoped Access.

  5. Select Full Dropbox.

  6. Enter a name for your application like Activity Insights - Dropbox.

  7. Select the I agree to Dropbox API Terms and Conditions checkbox.

  8. Select Create app.

  9. From the Settings page, copy your app key and secret. Store these values in a safe location as you will need them to connect Dropbox to Identity Security Cloud.

  10. Go to the Permissions tab and select the following scopes:

    team_data.member View structure of your team's and members' folders. View your team's activity log.
  11. Go to the Branding tab and select Save Changes.

Generating a Refresh Token

  1. Construct an authorization URL for the app using the following example:<APP_KEY>&response_type=code&token_access_type=offline

    Where <APP_KEY> is your app key from Dropbox.

    Copy and save the Access Code generated by the above URL. It will be used in the next API call.

  2. Use the following token API to get the refresh token:

    curl \ -d code=<ACCESS_CODE> \ -d grant_type=authorization_code \ -u client_id=<APP_KEY> \ -u client_secret=<APP_SECRET>


    <ACCESS_CODE> - The access code from the previous step.

    <APP_KEY> - Your app key from Dropbox.

    <APP_SECRET> - Your app secret from Dropbox.

Connecting Dropbox to Identity Security Cloud for Activity Insights

To connect Dropbox to Identity Security Cloud, you’ll need to configure the Dropbox identity governance and Activity Insights - Dropbox sources. This will allow Identity Security Cloud to gather account information and activity data from Dropbox.

Configuring the Dropbox Identity Governance Source

Follow the directions to configure your Dropbox source in Identity Security Cloud. You can also edit an existing source.

Configuring the Activity Insights - Dropbox Source

To display activity data from Dropbox, you must configure the Activity Insights - Dropbox source in Identity Security Cloud.

  1. Go to Admin > Connections > Sources.

  2. Select Create New to create a new source. 

  3. Search for and select the Activity Insights - Dropbox connector.

  4. Enter a name and description for your source. 

  5. In the Source Owner field, begin typing the name of an owner. Matches appear after you type two letters. 

  6. (Optional) Select a governance group for source management.

  7. Select the checkbox if the source is an authoritative source. 

  8. Select Continue to create the source.

  9. Select Configuration from the left panel.

  10. Enter the following information: 

    • App Key - The app key from Dropbox.

    • App Secret - The app secret from Dropbox.

    • Refresh Token - The refresh token you generated.

  11. Select Save to save these settings. 

  12. Select Review and Test from the left panel. 

  13. Select Test Connection to test the connection between the applications. You must have a successful connection for Identity Security Cloud to gather activity data. If the test is unsuccessful, retry your credentials or contact SailPoint Support.

To gather account data, you must correlate accounts and run an aggregation for the Dropbox identity governance source. Your activity data will begin syncing immediately but may take up to 24 hours to display. Data will then update daily.

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