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Activity Insights - Zoom

To display activity data from Activity Insights, you must first create an OAuth application in Zoom. You’ll then configure the following required sources so that IdentityNow can gather your Zoom accounts, groups, and roles information and activity data.

Connector Description
Zoom The identity governance connector allows you to manage your Zoom users, groups, and roles in IdentityNow.
Activity Insights - Zoom The Activity Insights connector works with your Zoom identity governance connector to provide activity data for identities.

Creating a Server-to-Server OAuth App in Zoom

Before activity insights can display in IdentityNow, you must create a server-to-server OAuth app in Zoom.

  1. From the Zoom App Marketplace, select Develop > Build App.
  2. Select Create on the Server-to-Server OAuth tile.
  3. Enter a name for your app and select Create.
  4. In the Information tab, enter your company name. In the Developer Contact Information section, enter your name and email address.
  5. In the Scopes tab, select the requested scopes.
  6. In the Activation tab, select Activate your app.

You can now use your client ID and secret to connect Zoom to IdentityNow.

Connecting Zoom to IdentityNow for Activity Insights

To connect Zoom to IdentityNow, you’ll need to configure the following sources in IdentityNow. This will allow IdentityNow to gather account information and activity data from Zoom.

Configuring the Zoom Identity Governance Source

You must configure your Zoom source for IdentityNow to pull your Zoom users, groups, and roles.

Configuring the Activity Insights – Zoom Source

To display activity data from Activity Insights, you must configure the Activity Insights – Zoom source in IdentityNow.

  1. From the IdentityNow navigation menu, select Admin > Connections > Sources.
  2. Select Create New to create a new source.
  3. Search for and select the Activity Insights - Zoom connector.
  4. Enter a name and description for the source.
  5. In the Source Owner field, begin typing the name of an owner. Matches appear after you type two letters.
  6. (Optional) Select a governance group for source management.
  7. Select Continue to create the source.
  8. Select Configuration from the left panel.
  9. Copy and paste your Account ID, client ID, and secret from the App Credentials tab of your Zoom application.
  10. Select Save to save your settings.
  11. Select Review and Test from the left panel.
  12. Select Test Connection to test the connection between Zoom and IdentityNow. The test must be successful for IdentityNow to gather activity data. If the test is unsuccessful, retry your credentials or contact SailPoint Support.

To gather account data, you must correlate accounts and run an aggregation for the Zoom identity governance source. Your activity data will begin syncing immediately but may take up to 24 hours to display. Data will then update daily.

Required Permissions

You must have a Zoom role with the following permissions to complete this integration:

Category Permissions
Users View
Groups View
Account Settings View
Meetings View
Usage Reports View
User Activity Reports View
Operational Logs View

Requested Scopes

IdentityNow requests access to the following scopes:

Scopes Description
account:read:admin View a Master account's account and sub account information. This includes account settings, account lock settings, managed domains, and an account's trusted domains.
group:read:admin View group information within your Zoom instance.
meeting:read:admin View a user's meeting information, including meeting reports, participants, polls, and registrant information.
report:read:admin View an account's meeting and webinar statistics via usage, user activity, meeting, and webinar reports.
user:read:admin View information for all users in a Zoom account. This includes such information as a user’s profile information, user settings, user permissions, user tokens that allow the user to join a Meeting SDK meeting, and the user's scheduling privileges.

For more information on these scopes, refer to Zoom's developer documentation.

User Metadata

IdentityNow pulls the following user metadata from Zoom.

Field Description
Department The user's department.
Large Meeting Capacity Indicates the allowed capacity for large meetings. Organizations must have a large meeting capacity plan.
Large Meeting Enabled Indicates whether large meetings are enabled. A large meeting license allows up to 500 or 1000 participants, depending on license.
Last Client Version The last Zoom client version the user used to log in.
Meeting Capacity The number of participants a user can host per meeting.
User Status The user's status in Zoom. The user's status may be Active, Inactive, or Pending.
User Type The user's account type. A Zoom account may be Basic, Pro, or Corp.
Webinar Indicates whether the user has a Webinar license.
Webinar Capacity Indicates the allowed capacity for webinars.