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Activity Insights - GitHub

To display activity data from Activity Insights, you first must create a personal access token in GitHub. You’ll then connect the following required sources so that IdentityNow can gather your GitHub account information and activity data.

Required Connectors

Connector Description
GitHub The identity governance connector allows you to manage your GitHub users in IdentityNow.
Activity Insights - GitHub The Activity Insights connector works with your GitHub identity governance connector to provide activity data for identities.

Creating a Personal Access Token in GitHub

Before activity insights can display in IdentityNow, you must first create and authorize a personal access token in GitHub.

  1. Create a personal access token with the following scopes:

    repo Full control of private repositories
    admin:org Full control of orgs and teams, read and write org projects
  2. Authorize the personal access token.

Connecting GitHub to IdentityNow for Activity Insights

To connect GitHub to IdentityNow, you'll need to configure the GitHub Identity Governance source and the Activity Insights - GitHub source in IdentityNow. This will allow IdentityNow to gather account information and activity data from GitHub.

Configuring the GitHub Identity Governance Source

Follow the directions to configure your GitHub source in IdentityNow. You can also edit an existing source.

Configuring the Activity Insights - GitHub Source

To display activity data from Activity Insights, you must configure the Activity Insights - GitHub source in IdentityNow.

  1. Go to Admin > Connections > Sources.

  2. Select Create New to create a new source. 

  3. Search for and select the Activity Insights - GitHub connector. 

  4. Enter a name and description for your source. 

  5. In the Source Owner field, begin typing the name of an owner. Matches appear after you type two letters. 

  6. (Optional) Select a governance group for source management.

  7. Select Continue to create the source.

  8. Select Configuration from the left panel.

  9. Enter the following information: 

    • Personal Access Token - The personal access token you created in GitHub.
    • Organization Login - Your GitHub Organization Login. To find your organization login, select your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the page in GitHub. From the dropdown list, select Your organizations to view your organization login.

  10. Select Save to save these settings.

  11. Select Review and Test from the left panel.
  12. Select Test Connection to test the connection between the applications. You must have a successful connection for IdentityNow to gather activity data. If the test is unsuccessful, retry your credentials or contact SailPoint Support.

To gather account data, you must correlate accounts and run an aggregation for the GitHub identity governance source. Your activity data will begin syncing immediately but may take up to 24 hours to display. Data will then update daily.