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Sumo Logic

SaaS Management supports an integration with Sumo Logic that allows you to monitor the API requests we send on your behalf. With the integration, you'll receive a log of every API call sent to your core business systems.

Integrating with Sumo Logic

To integrate with Sumo Logic, you must create a new HTTP Collector using Sumo Logic's Setup Wizard to forward all SaaS Management request logs to Sumo Logic.

To route request logs to Sumo Logic:

  1. From the Sumo Logic home page, select Setup Wizard.

  2. In the new window, select Get Started for Set Up Streaming Data.

  3. In the Setup Wizard, complete the following:
    • For the data type, select Your Custom App.

    • For the collection type, select HTTPS Source.

    • To configure your source, enter a name for the HTTPS logs in the Source Category field.

    • Select a time zone for your log file and then select Continue.

  4. On the new page, select Copy to copy the URL.

    The user's unique secret URL that will be copied and pasted into SaaS Management.

  5. Go to SaaS Management and select Integrations from the navigation menu.

  6. Select the Sumo Logic tile.
  7. Select Add Integration.
  8. Paste the URL you copied from the Sumo Logic Setup Wizard in to the Your Sumo Logic HTTP Log URL field.

  9. Select Submit to complete the integration.

When the integration syncs, metadata related to every outbound HTTP request will be sent to the Sumo Logic endpoint.

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