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Integrating with SaaS apps

SaaS Management integrates with your SaaS applications to uncover your company's SaaS usage, compliance, and spend across applications.

Integrate your SaaS Apps to:

Gain insights into usage trends - View usage data to determine if your organization has any unused licenses to help with renewal and purchasing decisions. You can also review this data to determine if you have any compliance issues. For instance, you can audit terminated users to see if they still have access to your applications.

Audit apps that have access to your data - View compliance data to identify potential security risks and revoke any apps with access to sensitive data.

Unlock visibility into your SaaS spend data - View your organization's spend data to discover your recurring expenses in real time. Use this data to recover wasted spend by cancelling unnecessary applications. This data can also inform your renewals and future budgets.

Our Data Policy

Our policy is "your data is your data." We know how important your data is to you. For that reason, we only access your company's data when we need to help you with specific, support-related questions.

Financial data

We securely store your organization's expense data, so you can visualize your organization's software spend. We only have read access to your company's financial data. SaaS Management only reports on software spend and ignores all other payments.

Identifying information

SaaS Management doesn't share identifiable data with any third-party service providers. We have very limited access to your employee information (names, email addresses, and license usage only), and we don't collect any data related to your customers.

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