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Getting started

SailPoint SaaS Management helps you broaden your identity security visibility, so you can uncover and mitigate hidden access risks from shadow IT and over-provisioned accounts. Bring all SaaS apps under centralized management and governance to avoid security risks.

This guide will help you get set up in SaaS Management, so you can start reviewing your SaaS data.

Create and log in to your SaaS Management account

SailPoint will provide you with a link to your instance of SaaS Management. You’ll then create an account that is associated with your domain.

After you create and verify your account, you can log in to SaaS Management with your credentials or through your organization’s SSO. If your organization uses a supported SSO provider, such as Azure, Google, Okta, or OneLogin, we recommend you add SailPoint SaaS Management to your SSO provider.

Add users to SaaS Management

When you first log in to SaaS Management, you can add other users who will need access to the platform by inviting them as dashboard users. You can set up additional demos and discussions with SailPoint to help other users in your organization learn more about SaaS Management.

Integrate your SaaS applications

Integrate your SaaS applications to uncover your company's SaaS usage, compliance, and spend across applications.

When you add your SaaS applications, SaaS Management retrieves data from the past 3-6 months to populate your dashboard. Spend integrations may retrieve data from the past several years. After your data is initially retrieved, SaaS Management updates your data daily for usage integrations and weekly for spend integrations.