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Secure Dashboard

Use your Secure dashboard to identify any potentially risky permissions that your users have granted to any connected third-party applications.

Users may give SaaS applications access to their information and data. Sharing data with trustworthy apps like Google and Microsoft Office is generally safe. However, other apps may cause security risks. For example, a user may grant an unknown app admin access to your Microsoft Office 365 instance. In this case, you can mark this access as Unapproved in SaaS Management and revoke the permissions in the third-party applications.


SaaS Management currently only retrieves data for connected applications from Google, Slack, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365.

Reviewing Access in the Secure Dashboard

On the Secure page, you can start reviewing access by selecting an option from your Quick Actions or by filtering and sorting your connected applications by their approval status (Accepted, Unapproved, or Unconfirmed). Select an application to review the permissions each user has given that application and determine if the access is acceptable.

To review access:

  1. Select Secure from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the application you want to review permissions for.
  3. Review the permissions that users have granted to the application:
    • Set the app’s approval status to Approved if the access is associated with applications that pose little to no security concerns or risks.
    • Set an app’s approval status to Unapproved if the access seems risky. Select the More info about revoking permissions button to learn how to remove the permission in that specific application.

Applications may have an unknown scope if a new permission was recently added in the application. Select Show Unknown Scope to view the names of any unknown scopes. SaaS Management regularly adds and updates scopes in the Secure dashboard.