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SAP Ariba

SaaS Management integrates directly with SAP Ariba to uncover your organization's software subscriptions. After you complete the integration, you can use this data to make informed decisions on upcoming renewals and redundant applications to help you reduce your SaaS spend.

Integrating with SAP Ariba

To integrate with SAP Ariba, you'll need to create a new application and generate an OAuth Client ID and Secret that you'll enter into SaaS Management.

Creating a new client application in SAP Ariba

You must sign in as a user with the Developer or Organization Admin role to create a new client application.

  1. Log in to the SAP Ariba Developer Portal with the appropriate permissions.
  2. Select the Manage icon from the left navigation menu.
  3. Select the + icon next to the Search field to open the Create a new application window.
  4. Enter a name for the application in the Application Name field. For example, you can name the application “SailPoint SaaS Management”.
  5. Enter a description of the application in the Description field. For example, you can include the following description: "An integration that allows the organization to discover, manage, and secure their SaaS applications and unlock insights into SaaS compliance, usage, and spend data."
  6. Select Submit to create the application.

You must now ask your admin to request API access for your new client application.

Requesting API access

A Developer or Organization Admin user can request that an API be enabled for your new application.

  1. On the new application’s page, select Actions > Ask your admin to request API access.
  2. Complete the following actions in the Application Details window:

    • API Names - Select the API that you want to access using this application.
    • Realm name - Enter your SAP Ariba realm name.
    • Realm type - Select whether this realm is a production or test environment.
  3. Select Submit to send the request to your admin.

After an admin approves the request for API access, SAP Ariba will approve the API access request for your new client application within 24 hours. An Organization Admin can now generate the OAuth Client ID and Secret for the client application.

Generating your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret

After you’ve obtained the necessary approvals for the application, you can generate the OAuth Client ID and Secret for your new client application. You’ll need this information to connect SAP Ariba to SaaS Management.


You must log in to the Developer Portal as a user with the Organization Admin role to create an OAuth Client and Secret.

  1. On the My Applications page, select the new application you created.
  2. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Generate OAuth Secret. Creating a new OAuth secret invalidates the previous OAuth secret.
  3. Select Submit in the confirmation window.
  4. Select Copy to Clipboard to copy the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Secret values.


    Your Client Secret will only display once, so copy and store this information in a safe place.

You can now enter your OAuth Client ID and Secret and other information into SaaS Management to complete the integration.

Connecting SAP Ariba to SaaS Management

  1. Select Integrations from the SaaS Management navigation menu.
  2. Select the SAP Ariba tile.
  3. Select Add Integration to open the Authenticate with SAP Ariba window.
  4. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields:

    • Your SAP Ariba Network ID - To find your Ariba Network ID, select your user initials in the upper-right corner of the dashboard. The Network ID will appear under your company’s name.
    • Your SAP Ariba Application Key - An application key is generated when you create an application in the SAP Ariba API Developer Portal. To find your application key, select the Manage icon from the left navigation menu. Select Applications and search for the app you created. Look for your Application Key.
    • Your SAP Ariba Client ID - Enter the OAuth Client ID you created in SAP Ariba.
    • Your SAP Ariba Client Secret - Enter the OAuth Client Secret you created in SAP Ariba.
    • Your SAP Ariba OAuth Prefix - You can find the value of the oauth_server_url_prefix for your region in the Environment details section of the API’s discovery page in the Developer Portal.
  5. (Optional) Select the Is Sandbox Account checkbox if you're setting up a sandbox environment.

  6. Select Submit to complete the integration.

It can take up to 24 hours for your SaaS spend to sync.