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SaaS Management integrates directly with Dropbox, so you can view all user activity within the application. The integration allows you to view user-level session data, such as the number of users who accessed Dropbox during a given date range. You can also audit apps that have access to your Dropbox content.

Integrating with Dropbox

You must have admin access in Dropbox to integrate the application with SaaS Management.


Before you integrate the applications, make sure you have signed out of your individual account within your organization and are signed in to the appropriate service account with the required permissions.

  1. From the SaaS Management navigation menu, select Integrations.
  2. Select the Dropbox tile.
  3. Select Add Integration.
  4. On the Dropbox login page, enter your credentials and select Sign in.
  5. Complete any authentication.

Your Dropbox data will start syncing immediately and should complete within 24 hours.

Required Permissions

Dropbox users need Admin permission to integrate the application with SaaS Management.

Requested Scopes

SaaS Management requests the following scopes:

Scope Description Read basic team settings. Read team memberships and member settings. Read the team event log.
sessions.list View linked web, device, and app sessions.

User Metadata

SaaS Management pulls the following user metadata from Dropbox. You can filter your usage data by these fields:

Field Description
Role The team-related admin permissions a user has.
Status The user's status.
Is Directory Restricted Indicates whether the user is a directory restricted user.