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Scheduling a Role Analysis

A Role Analysis creates a downloadable archive that includes .db and .json files with security analysis information for the roles selected.

To schedule this job, select Scheduled Jobs > Role Analysis. The following information needs to be populated to schedule the role analysis:

  • Repeat - Used to determine if this is a one-time job or scheduled to reoccur. You can choose to run the job once or schedule it to run monthly.


If you schedule a job to run on a recurring basis, the Security Extract and Utilization Extract can only be set to use live data.

You can review all recurring jobs by selecting Recurring Tasks from the left navigation.

  • Analysis Name - Enter a name or review and accept the default analysis name. The default includes the type of analysis, email of the user who scheduled the job, environment, and the date/time.
  • Include Types and Statuses - To include unassigned roles in the analysis, select the Unassigned Roles checkbox.
  • Security Extract - Select if you want to use live data, which will run a new security extract to base the snapshot on, or a previously completed security extract.


The Use Live Extract option schedules a new security extract to run as part of this job. It must complete before the scheduled job can continue, so it can take a bit longer than using an existing extract.

  • Rulebooks - Select which rulebook(s) to use for the analysis.
  • Roles Selection - Use the Include, Exclude, and +Add Roles buttons to select who to include.

After you select Submit, you can view the status of your job on the Activity History page.