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Managing EAM Requests

Before a user can be granted elevated access, a Requestor or Profile Owner must create an EAM request and select an EAM profile that defines the elevated access Requestors are granted if their request is approved.

Submitted requests can be viewed on the EAM Dashboard. You can retract submitted requests that have not yet been provisioned.

Creating an EAM Request

To create an emergency access request:

  1. Select Emergency Access NEW from the navigation menu.

  2. Select Create New Request +.

  3. Select an EAM profile you are marked as a Requestor or Owner for in the Profile Name dropdown list. The EAM profile defines who can approve requests and who can attest and review usage.

  4. Choose a Requestor from the list of available requestors for the profile.


    A Profile Owner can only submit EAM requests on behalf of Requestors. They cannot request access for themselves to the profile they own and manage.

  5. Set the length of time the Requestor will have the elevated entitlements. You can set this duration up to the maximum duration defined in the EAM profile. The default is 1 hour.

  6. Select a predefined Reason Code that best explains why this access is needed.


    Name your codes clearly and provide a list of codes to your Requestors to ensure they select the correct one.

  7. Select when the access will be granted. The date defaults to the current date and time, but you can change this to submit a request for a future date or time. For example, if a user will need access during a weekend or holiday, they can submit the request in advance while the Approver is available.

  8. (Optional) Select a time zone from the Time Zone dropdown list to change the time zone for the request to the Requestor's local time.

  9. In the Intention box, enter additional information explaining why the request should be approved, or how the access will be used.


    Establish a policy regarding what should be entered here, such as including helpdesk ticket numbers.

  10. Select Submit to create the request.

If the Requestor was pre-approved on the profile, the request will be automatically approved, and provisioning will occur on the selected date and time. This is displayed on the Active tab.

The request will display on the Approval tab of the EAM Dashboard and be marked as Awaiting Approval. Approvers will receive an email notification that they have an EAM request to evaluate.

Retracting EAM Requests

If the requested entitlements have not yet been provisioned, Requesters, Owners, and Administrators can retract requests:

  1. Select Emergency Access New to view the EAM Dashboard.
  2. On the Approval tab, expand the Actions menu next to the request and select Retract.

Retracted requests are displayed on the Completed tab of the EAM Dashboard.