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Resolving Usage Data Collection Errors

If there is an error collecting usage data, the requests will be marked in red on the Data Collection tab of the EAM Dashboard. You can change your view to display only requests with errors. Select the Request Snapshot icon to view request details.

Reviewers, Owners, Attestors, and Administrators can expand the Actions dropdown menu next to the request and select Restart Data Collection to try the process again. If data collection fails repeatedly, contact your ERP system administrators and Access Risk Management agent configuration owners to identify the cause.

Attesting Blank Extracts

When a successful utilization extract contains zero line items, the request is flagged as faulted and the configured EAM profile Attestors are notified by email. This serves as an additional control to prevent Reviewers from performing a review of an inappropriately blank utilization extract.

Attestors will certify that access was not used by the Requestor and that the extract is appropriately blank on the Active tab of the EAM Dashboard by expanding the Actions menu next to the request and selecting Attest Blank Extract.


If a Requestor did use the access, the Attestor should work with an Access Risk Management administrator or SailPoint Support to troubleshoot why the extract was blank.