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Selecting Profile Entitlements

You can use profile entitlements to control the elevated access that users temporarily receive from approved requests.


Entitlements that are included as part of a profile can not be assigned to users as part of their standard access. The system will automatically deprovision entitlements from the user that are part of a profile.

To add profile entitlements:

  1. Select + Add Entitlements.

  2. Add entitlements individually by selecting the + icon next to an entitlement. Select Add All + to add all entitlements to the profile.

    You can also add entitlements by entering entitlement names separated by commas or lines and selecting + Add.

    To remove an entitlement from the profile, select the Delete icon Delete icon next to the entitlement on the Emergency Access Profile Details page.


If an entitlement is updated, these changes will only apply to future requests. Existing requests must be retracted or rejected to reflect the updated entitlements.

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