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Creating Emergency Access Profiles

In order for users to request temporary emergency access, Emergency Access Profile Administrators must create and maintain EAM profiles.

These profiles define what elevated access users can be granted and assigns users to the EAM request participant roles (Profile Owners, Approvers, Requestors, and Reviewers) that determine who can select the profile when creating an access request, who will approve requests, and who will review a user's activity after they complete their tasks. EAM profile request participant roles also determine what actions are available to users on their EAM Dashboard as the request progresses.

To get started, enter the name and details for your new EAM profile, then complete the following:

  1. Set Profile Details
  2. Set Attestors
  3. Select Profile Entitlements
  4. Select Profile Users, including Profile Owners, Requestors, Approvers, and Reviewers
  5. Submit Profiles

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