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Provisioning Entitlements

When a request is approved, Access Risk Management schedules a provisioning request. If the Requestor or Owner selected a start time in the request, provisioning will be scheduled at that time. Requests without a specified start time will schedule provisioning immediately.

Access Risk Management validates the access has been provisioned as expected by checking the entitlements assigned to the Requestor. If provisioning is successful, the Requestor receives an email notification and a countdown timer is started for the duration selected when the request was created.

If the validation check finds that no access was provisioned or if the ERP system returned an error, Requestors receive an email notification that the entitlements failed to provision, and the request is flagged as faulted and must be resolved and restarted.

Resolving Provisioning Errors

Requests with errors are displayed in red on the EAM Dashboard. You can change your view to display only requests with errors.

Approvers, Owners, or Administrators can expand the Actions dropdown menu next to the failed request and select Restart Provisioning. If the provisioning continues to fail, contact your ERP system security administrators to identify and resolve the cause of the provisioning error.

If the validation discovers that provisioning was partially successful and some entitlements were granted, the request continues as normal so the Requestor's actions are logged and reviewed in a timely manner. Entitlements that failed to provision will be noted in the Request History logs.

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