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Viewing Request Progress

Members of an access profile used for a request can view the request in the EAM Dashboard. As Requests move through each stage, the appropriate users on the profile are notified by email and can view the changes in the EAM Dashboard.

Table of requests organized by their stage. The table can be filtered and actions selected.

Each tab displays a core phase of the request process:

  • Approval - Requests that are waiting for approval

  • Active - Approved requests that are scheduled to be provisioned, or are actively being provisioned or deprovisioned

  • Data Collection - Requests that have been deprovisioned and are waiting to extract data of how the Requestor used the entitlements

  • Review - Requests under review to determine if the permissions were used appropriately

  • Completed - Requests that have been rejected, retracted, or reviewed

The number of requests in each stage is displayed in the parentheses in the tab headers. These numbers will change if you filter requests.


You may need to select the Refresh icon to display changes to emergency requests.

Generating Reports

You can generate and download a set of reports for a single or multiple requests to provide to auditors or enforce compliance. Refer to Generating EAM Reports for more information.

Customizing Your Dashboard

Request information is by default displayed in the time zone configured in the user's browser. Users can change the time zone displayed on their personal EAM Dashboard by selecting Timezone and choosing a different time zone.

You can reorder and resize columns by clicking and dragging the column headers. Column customizations are reset when the EAM Dashboard is refreshed.

Filtering Requests

The EAM Dashboard features multiple filters to help find requests and identify errors.

Filtering within columns

To filter requests within a column, select the Filter icon in an available column header and enter your parameters. Select Filter to set the filter, or Clear to remove filters in the column.

Menu with query fields used to filter the Created Date column.

Filtering by metadata

You can select the metadata to filter requests by using the bar above the table.

Menu of metadata available to search by, such as Requestor.

Enter your search term, select the data type from the dropdown list, and select the Search icon . Requests can be filtered by:

ID Requestor Reviewer Reason Entitlement
State Approver Owner Profile Comment

Filtering by Profile and Reason Code

You can also filter by Profiles and Reason Codes by selecting the fields and choosing the profiles or codes. To remove all filters, select Clear Filters.

Filter by Profile and Filter by Reason Code fields with the available codes displayed.

Filtering by Errors

Select the button in the top right to toggle between displaying all requests, requests with errors, and requests without errors. This makes it easier to identify if a provisioning, deprovisioning, or data collection job needs to be restarted or attested. The text on the button indicates what is displayed in the table below.

The dashboard toggles between displaying all requests, requests with errors, and requests without error.

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