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Property Reports

Use the property reports to keep track of the data used to generate the reports.

Snapshot Properties


The Snapshot Properties shows the information that was used to create the risk snapshot or dashboard reports. This includes the account information, user who scheduled the snapshot, the rulebook(s) used, along with the dates and times of the security and utilization extracts.

Risk Descriptions


The Risk Descriptions is a reference table to show the risks, risk rating, and description that are defined in the rulebook.

Business Function Descriptions


The Business Function Descriptions is a reference table to show the business functions, function names, and the description that is defined within the rulebook.

Mitigating Controls


The Mitigating Controls table in the Properties section is a reference table to show the different mitigating controls in the system along with the objective and description defined for those mitigating controls. This is used as a reference to know more information about the mitigating control in place for a risk/user since most reports only indicate the mitigating control code.