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Creating and Maintaining Reason Codes

Emergency Access Profile Administrators can create a predefined list of Reason Codes. Reason Codes serve as the rationale or purpose for why a specific EAM Profile needs to be used. You can use reason codes to quickly filter requests on your EAM Dashboard or to classify requests for later reporting purposes.

  1. Select Manage Reason Codes > New Reason + to create a new reason code.

  2. Enter a meaningful name and description for the reason code to differentiate it from others.

  3. Select Submit to create the reason code.

Requestors will now use this reason code when they submit requests. If Requestors need to include more information for why they need elevated access, they can add additional text to the Intention box of new requests. After a request is submitted, they can include additional explanation by selecting the Comment icon Comment icon on the Reviewer Dashboard or within each tab on the EAM Dashboard next to each request on the page.

You can also manage or edit this reason code by selecting the Manage Reason Codes button on the Emergency Access Profile page. Select the Edit icon Edit icon next to the appropriate reason code in the Manage Reason Codes window.