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Reviewing and Approving Access

Reviewers can access the review by selecting the link in their email or by selecting ACCESS REVIEWER > REVIEWER DASHBOARD and selecting the Review icon .

When reviewing access, reviewers can choose from the following options:

  • Approve the access

  • ­ Reject the access. When rejecting an item, the reviewer will be required to fill in the comment field with a reason.

  • Delegate the review of a specific access item. When delegating, the reviewer will be required to select who to delegate the item to and provide a reason for delegating it.

Reviewers can also leave a note about the review or delegate the entire review to someone else.

Reviewers will use the information provided to make decisions on access. For example, in the User to Role review, the reviewers may look at the TCodes, TCode usage, and Risks associated with each user to decide if their assigned roles are appropriate.


Associated risk is identified by determining if any of the transaction codes in the role are associated with access in a risk. This does not mean there is an inherent risk in the role.

If a role has risk associated with it but no utilization, a reviewer might decide to reject that role since there is risk, and it is not being used. Likewise, if a role has neither risk nor utilization, reviewers might still reject it to follow best practices around least privileged access.

Reviewers will select Submit Review to complete their review. When all reviews are completed, you can generate audit reports or kick off a job to remove all rejected roles.

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