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Scheduling Utilization Extracts

Access Risk Management extracts utilization metadata from your SAP ERP systems for analysis alongside security extracts through Utilization Extracts. They provide important data for online reports, Excel reports, and access reviews.

To schedule a utilization extract:

  1. From the left navigation, select Schedule Jobs > Utilization Extract.
  2. In the Repeat dropdown, select the frequency that you want to run extracts, or select Do Not Repeat if you want to run a one-time security extract.
  3. If you selected Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, add details about when you would like security extracts to take place. Enter a name for your report in the Recurrence Name field.
  4. If you selected Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, set the Utilization Period to Previous Month or Current Month. This field defaults to Previous Month.
  5. For a one-time extract, select a month and year for your run date. For recurring extracts, select the utilization period you want the extract to cover.
  6. Select Submit.

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