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Viewing Online Reports

Access Risk Management generates over 25 online reports for user activity, role usage and risks, executions, and properties. These reports can help you determine where risk lies within your organization so you can take remediation or mitigating actions.

Report types include:

Customizing Your View

For the User Based, Role Based, and Execution reports, select EDIT GRID at the top to choose which columns are displayed.

Filtering Your View

You can filter your reports view in two ways. Depending on the type of report, you can use the top filter buttons to add specific users, risks, roles, or TCodes. You can also select the Filter icon on a column to create a query.

Filtering by Users, Risks, Roles, or TCodes

Select the Filter button to see the selection screen for the item you are filtering on.

The example above shows how to filter on TCodes in the Execution Summary Monthly report. Select the TCodes filter button to see the selection window. Select + Add TCodes and add the TCodes you want to filter on. Select Apply. The report will change to the new filtered view.

If the report supports more than one filter, you can combine them. The example above allows you to add filters for both Users and TCodes. Including Users and TCodes will update the report to show you if those users have those TCodes.

Filtering by Queries

Select the Filter icon on a column to create a query.

Scheduling Report Snapshots

All online reports are part of the Risk Snapshot job. To schedule this, select SCHEDULE JOBS and choose RISK SNAPSHOT.

Refer to Risk Snapshot.