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Choosing Role to TCode Review Settings

After you enter the review details for the Role to TCode type of review, set the rulebook(s), security extract, and the changes to include based on a prior review.


This type of review can only be performed by Role Owners.

When specifying the review details, select Role to TCode under Type of Review.

  1. Select the rulebooks to include in the review. Role owners can review and recertify that the transaction codes included in their respective roles are appropriate and if that role's transaction codes should be retained.

  2. Choose a security extract. You can select a previously completed security extract or a live security extract where a new security extract is pulled from SAP to run the analysis for the review.


    Previously completed extracts are sometimes used when completing a review for access at a certain point in time, even if that time has passed.

  3. Select Only include changes since to only include changes made since the chosen review was performed.

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