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Viewing the Dashboard

The Risk Snapshot Dashboard shows a summary view of the risk in your environment. To populate and update the dashboard, select SCHEDULE JOBS and choose RISK SNAPSHOT.

The dashboard information is broken down by Risk Rating, Business Process, Users, and Roles.

Editing the Dashboard

Select Edit Dashboard at the upper right to arrange your view. Choose which widgets to include by selecting the checkbox next to each one listed in the Edit Dashboard pane. Select the arrows at the right of the widget’s name and drag up or down reorder them. When you are finished editing, select Cancel or Save.

Using Dashboard Filters

Select Filters to filter your dashboard content. In the Filters panel, select the checkboxes for the information you want to include, such as risk level, mitigation status, and types of TCode executions. Select Cancel or Apply when you are finished.

Viewing Your Current Risk Status

The dashboard provides insight into the overall risks in your environment. You can view the risk graphs for a high-level view or select areas within the graphs to see more granular reports - giving you the information you need to assess and remedy risks.

Information includes:

Access Risk Management risk ratings map to numeric ordering:

  • 0 – Informational
  • 1 – Low
  • 2 – Medium
  • 3 – High
  • 4 – Critical

Risk ratings are also visible in some reports. For an example, refer to User Risk Summary by Rating.

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