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Run a Test Connection

To view or run an application's connection status, navigate to Admin > Applications to view the Applications page.

For Multiple Applications

  1. Using the selection boxes to the left of the applications, select the applications that need validation.


    A single application or multiple applications can be selected.

  2. Select Test Connection.

A confirmation message displays and includes the selected applications that will be tested. To view the result, go to Test Connection Detailed View.

For a Single Application

  1. Select the more options button within the Actions column.
  2. Select Test Connection.
  3. Select Run.

A user can also select Refresh which refreshes the grid and displays the latest results or View Task Status which takes a user to the Task screen in order to view a relevant task.


Using the filter ability, a user can view all applications which support the Test Connection feature based on their test connection statuses.

  1. Select the Filter icon.

    There are several filters available:

    • Name - type the name of the application
    • Type - select Test Connection
    • Tags - a string that was set during the application configuration
    • Test Connection Status - select the statuses you want to search for (either Passed, Warning, or Failed).
    • Supported for test connection only
  2. Select Apply.