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Account and Entitlement Aggregation

In order to securely communicate with your organization's systems, SailPoint uses Virtual Appliances (VAs) to connect your Identity Security Cloud cloud platform and on-premise applications. A VA is a Linux-based virtual machine that connects to your sources and apps using SailPoint APIs, connectors, and integrations.


Cloud applications are considered "on-premise" because they are deployed from private clouds reserved for use only by your organization.

The following steps should be accomplished:

  1. Create a VA cluster. This is done in order to associate our VA with your organization. At least one VA should exist within a VA Cluster.
  2. Create a source in Identity Security Cloud to aggregate Accounts and Entitlements from either Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.
  3. Create an Identity Collector in Data Access Security and connect it to the relevant source.
  4. Manually run aggregation for Accounts and Entitlements.

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