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Supported Applications and File Types

The following provides information about applications and file types that Data Classification supports.

Supported Applications

Data Classification supports the following applications:

  • Microsoft OneDrive (O365 File Storage)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (O365 File Storage)

Supported File Types

The privacy engine indexes data based on a file’s content and attributes. The system also supports file properties and custom properties for all supported file types. The privacy engine reads file content based on the file extension.

Image files can be analyzed and searched for keywords using an optical character recognition (OCR) capability. This is a resource-heavy process and is configured separately. Refer to Optical Character Recognition for more information.

The Data Classification engine supports the following file types/extensions:

File Extension Expected File Type
docx, doc, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx Microsoft Office Files
txt, csv Plain Text (including Comma Separated Values files)
htm, html, xml Web files
cs, js, sql Code script files
pdf Adobe
zip, gzip, tar, rar, 7zip Archive files
bmp, emf, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, tif, tiff, png, wmf Image files analyzed by the OCR module*