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Using Report Templates

Identities who have a Data Access Security role (Administrator, Compliance Manager, Data Owner, Auditor) are able to access the Report Template screen and will see all System Report Template. You will also have the ability to create your own report.

Navigate to Reports > Report Templates to use Data Access Security's built-in report templates for standard and customized reports.

Manage Report Tags

You can assign one or more tags per report to help find them later.

Managing Tags


This option is available by default to the Administrator capability only.


System tags cannot be deleted. The Delete option (trash can icon) is disabled for system tags.

  1. Select Manage Tags to change or delete report tags.

    The available options are:

    • Hide system-defined tags (by checking the checkbox)
    • Search for tags
    • Edit tags
    • Delete tags
    • Add customized tags
  2. Select Edit (pencil icon) to edit that tag. It is not possible to use a name that already exists or to have a blank tag.

  3. Select Save to the right of the edited tag to save it.
  4. Select Save at the bottom of the Manage Tags screen to save all changes.

Filtering by Tags

The Filter by Tags panel on the left can be used to filter between relevant report templates.

Search field - Type in the name of the report tag. Available tags will be filtered out as you type. Select one of the available tags to filter the report templates displayed.

Created by me - Select this checkbox to filter between your own report templates.

Run or Create a Scheduled Report

The following are two possibilities for running or creating a scheduled report:

  • Report templates that are system reports or reports that are created and shared by an identity.
  • Report templates that are created by the currently logged in identity.

To run or create a scheduled report, complete the following:

  1. To run the report with settings other than the default parameters, select Duplicate from the template menu.
  2. Set the desired report parameters, scheduling times, and other setup fields.


    When scheduling a report, be aware that time is only reflected in UTC, not local time.

  3. Select Run Now to run the report.

  4. Select Save to save the template for future use of this template.

  5. If running a report with no customized settings, select Run Now on the desired report within the Report Templates screen.

Report Actions

Navigate to Report Templates to view run a report.

Run Now – run the report and send it to all recipients.


The available actions are dependent on the user type.

Editing Reports


System Reports only have the options to be duplicated or shared. If a report has already been duplicated, it has the option to be edited, duplicated, shared, scheduled or deleted.

To edit a report template, navigate to Reports > Report Templates and perform the following:

Editing fields will vary depending on the report type. Edit the fields that are available.

Duplicating Reports

The options with the Duplicate Template window are the same options as mentioned above in Editing Reports.


System Templates, reports the user has created, or templates that have already been duplicated can be duplicated.

Sharing Reports

Depending on your role, a user can have various sharing rights. Data Access Security sends reports to:

  • All Admins
  • All Authorized Users
  • Do not share with anyone

Scheduling Reports

Options within the schedule option are the same as mentioned above in Editing Reports.

Deleting Reports

A user can delete a report by selecting the hamburger menu and selecting Delete.

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