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Viewing Permissions

The Permission tab provides four different views on a resource:

  • Simple - High level view. Shows who has direct access to what. You can filter the results by the permissions type (menu on the left panel).
  • Tree - Gives the view from a resource perspective on the entire resource. Each user within the resource will have a three line menu displayed next to their name.
  • Overexposed - Accessible by everyone or a larger part of the organization. The definition for overexposed can be configured through the Overexposed Resources section within the General tab under Settings. There are three different scope or view types:

    • Unique Permissions or Critical Data
    • Unique Permission only
    • Critical Data only
  • Excess — View users who overlap and have redundant access paths granting similar or excessive permissions to the same resource.

Editing Permissions

Data Access Security supports out-of-the-box and custom fulfillment of removing permissions.

An administrator can change the permissions level a user has by clicking Add Permission or Remove Permissions.

Complete the following to edit permissions:

  1. Search for the user you are adding permissions for.
  2. Provide a reason why they are being granted the permissions.
  3. For the Permission Type, a user can choose between either Permission Type or Same as Colleague.

    • Permission Type – choose between the various actions types to give permission.
    • Same as Colleague – search for a colleague and give the same access as that person.
  4. Select Send Request to initiate an Access Request on this new permission.