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Campaign Management

To view an existing campaign or create a new one, go to Compliance > Access Certification.


This page is only available to user with the Data Access Security Administrator user level or the Data Access Security Compliance Manager user level which is set within IdentitySecurity Cloud.

This page allows you to create, edit, manage, and delete various certification campaigns.

All of the created campaigns are listed along with their descriptions, the type of campaign it is, the owner of the campaign, its due date, and the current status of the campaign.

The campaign status are:

  • Completed - The campaign is complete.
  • Created - A campaign has been created.
  • Creation Failed - The creation of this campaign failed. Please contact your administrator for more information.
  • Deletion Failed - The campaign could not be deleted. Please contact your administrator for more information.
  • In Progress - This campaign is in progress.
  • Pending Creation - This campaign is in the process of being created.
  • Pending Completion - This campaign is in the process of being completed.
  • Pending Deletion - This campaign is in process of being deleted.
  • Pending Re-initialization - This campaign is in process of being re-initialized.
  • Pending Review in Progress - This campaign is being reviewed.

Filtering Campaigns

There are two ways to search for a particular campaign. You can use the predefined filter options (View All, My Campaigns, Active, or Overdue) or you can use the filter icon to search for a campaign based on the campaign details.

  • View All - All campaign display with no filters.
  • My Campaigns - Campaigns that you have created.
  • Active - Campaigns that are in the process of running.
  • Overdue - Campaigns that are past their due date.

If you select the filter icon to search using the campaign details, a filter window appears with the following filters:

  • Campaign Name - If some or all of the campaign name is known, you can enter it in the field to search for a campaign.
  • Campaign Type - Choose between identities or permissions.
  • Owner - Search by the creator of the campaign.
  • Status - Search by the campaign status.
  • Due Date - Enter dates to search by the due date of the campaign.

Campaign Management Actions

Each campaign listed has a set of actions the user can perform.

  • Run Now - Only available for campaigns with the Created status.
  • Edit - Edits the details of the campaign.
  • Delete - Deletes the campaign
  • Refresh - Refreshes the users view of the campaign status.
  • Generate Report - Select this option, then go to Reports > My Reports to view the newly created report.
  • Reinitialize - This action creates a task to reinitialize the campaign. Reinitializing a campaign means to recalculate the campaign's scope and restart it.


If you select multiple campaigns using the check-boxes, you can bulk delete.

Viewing Campaign Details

To view more details on a particular campaign, select the campaign you want to view. At this point, the campaigns details for that campaign displays.

Below the name of the campaign, various details are present. Here you can quickly view the campaign owner, when it started, its due date, the type of campaign it is, and its current status.

To end the entirety of the campaign, select End Campaign.

To view more information other than what is provided under the name of the campaign, select Campaign Summary. Within the Campaign Summary, you can view the number of records within the campaign based on their statuses.

You can see the progress of the records completed in the campaign by the Records Completed percentage.

On the Campaign Details, there are two tabs a user can select to view depending on the information they are wanting to see.

Pending Records by Reviewers

This tab only lists reviewers on the campaign that still have reviews pending. You can see the reviewers listed and the number of records that are still pending review. If a campaign is still in progress, you have the opportunity to reassign the reviewer to someone else.

Within this tab you can filter among the listed reviewers. Provide the name of the reviewer you are searching for in the search bar under Filters and select Apply.

Select Save to apply the filter.

All Records

This tab provides more details about the individual records within the campaign. All of the columns are customizable depending on the information that you want to view. The default columns that display are predetermined when the user creates the campaign.

In the Action column, if a comment was made on a specific record, that comment can be viewed by selecting the comment icon.

You can also choose to perform one of the following actions on a record from the Action column:

  • Reassign Record – This action is only available if the status of a record is Pending. Reassign Record allows you to select another reviewer on that record. If multiple reviewers were selected for the campaign, the user is asked which current reviewer they want to reassign the record to. Reassigning a record will delete any past comment made on the record.
  • Revert Review Process – This action allows you to reset the whole review without resetting the whole campaign. This action is also available as a bulk option. Select however many records and a new button Revert Review Process displays above the Action column. Reverting a record will delete any past comment made on the record.
  • Show Review Process – This action allows you to view who made review decisions.

This tab comes with two predefined filters. You can select Pending Review to view all records that are still waiting on a decision or select View All to see all records, no matter their status.

For more in depth filtering options, select Filters. From the dropdown field, select what you want to filter by. Select Save and then Apply to apply the filter.