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Office 365 File Storage

  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online


The OneDrive and SharePoint Online connectors enable you to use Data Access Security to access and analyze their stored data, as well:

  • Analyze the structure of your stored data.
  • Monitor user activity in the resources.
  • Classify the data being stored.
  • Verify user permissions on the resources and compare them against requirements.
  • Manage access fulfillment - automated granting and revoking of access according to rules set in Data Access Security.
  • Collect IAM users, groups, and roles, and the connections between them with the identity collector.

Collecting Data Stored in an External Application

The list below describes the high level installation process required to collect and analyze data from an external application. Most of these should already be set up in your Data Access Security installation. See the server Installation guide for further details.

  1. Install one or more Data Classification central engine using the server installer
  2. Install one or more Permission Collection central engines using the server installer
  3. Create an Application in Data Access Security from the Business Website. The application is linked to your installed central engines.
  4. Add an Activity Monitor to collect activities for this application.