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Adding an Exchange Online Application

In order to integrate with Exchange Online, we must first create an application entry in Data Access Security. This entry includes the identification, connection details, and other parameters necessary to create the link.

To add an application, use the New Application Wizard.

  1. Go to Admin > Applications.
  2. Select Add New to open the wizard.
  3. Select Standard Application
  4. Select Next to open the General Details page.

General Details

  1. Review and edit the application's general details:
    • Application Type - Exchange Online
    • Application Name - Logical name of the application
    • Description - Description of the application
    • Tags - Select tags for the application from the dropdown list or type a new name. Select Enter to create a tag.

Identity Collector - Select an Identity Collector of type Azure Active Directory.

  • You can create identity collectors on the Admin > Identity Collectors page.
  • Ensure you run the Identity Collector Aggregation task before running the Permission Collection Task.

Select Next to open the Connection Details page.

Connection Details

Complete the Connection Details fields:

Tenant Domain Name

  1. Complete the Connection Details:
    • Initial Domain Name - The Initial Domain Name that was given when the Azure tenant was initially created can be found in Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Domains. It can be identified by its suffix and that it cannot be deleted.
    • Application ID - Enter the Application ID for the Azure application used by the Data Access Security SharePoint Online Connector.
    • Certificate File - The certificate assigned to the Azure application used by the Data Access Security SharePoint Online Connector. Either navigate to the certificate by selecting Choose a File, or drag the certificate onto the Certificate File field.
      • Supported file formats: pfx, p12.
    • Certificate Password - Enter the password for the certificate.

Select Next.