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Adding a SharePoint Application

In order to integrate with SharePoint, first create an application entry in Data Access Security. This entry includes the identification, connection details, and other parameters necessary to create the link.

To add an application, use the New Application Wizard.

  1. Go to Admin > Applications.
  2. Select Add New to open the wizard.

General Details

  1. Review and edit the application's general details:

    • Application Type - SharePoint
    • Application Name - Logical name of the application
    • Description - Description of the application
    • Tags - Select tags for the application from the dropdown list or type a new name. Select Enter to create a tag.
    • Identity Collector - Create an Active Directory Source in Identity Security Cloud and select that source here.
  2. Select Next to open the Connection Details page.

Connection Details

  1. Complete the Connection Details:

    • Database Server - The address of the SharePoint server containing the configuration database.

    If using a non-default port number, add it, separated by a comma - [Server Name],[Port]

    The default port number is 1433.

    If the database has an instance name, the address should be in a format of “[Server Name][Instance Name]”.

    To enter a database with an instance name on a server with a non-default port number, use the format “[Server Name][Instance Name],[port]”.


    There are cases in which you will have configure an alias for Windows to support this non-default database name format. See the Troubleshooting section below.

    • Domain Name - This is defined during the prerequisites setup.
    • Username - This is defined during the prerequisites setup. Data classification authenticates to the website with this user. Resource collection authenticates to SQL server with this user.
    • Password - User defined this in the prerequisites.
    • Kerberos Configuration File - Data Access Security utilizes Kerberos integrated authentication to connect to Sharepoint SQL server. Upload your kbr5.conf file here.

      Here is an example of kbr5.conf :[libdefaults]:

      default_realm         = DAS.LOCAL
          DAS.LOCAL = {
              kdc            = ad.das.local
              default_domain = das.local
          das.local    = DAS.LOCAL
          .das.local    = DAS.LOCAL


    Ensure the SPN is properly configured on the Active Directory Domain Controller(s). MSSQLSvc/sqlserver.domain:port SQLSERVER

    MSSQLSvc/sqlserver.domain SQLSERVER

    • Specify Configuration Database Name? - Determines whether to specify a name for the configuration database in case it differs from the default “SharePoint_Config” name.
    • Specify Port - Use this port number for all content databases except those defined in "Specialized Individual Ports".
    • Specify Individual Ports: If there are content databases not using the specified port mentioned above, provide a host name and port number.
  2. Select Next.

You can now configure and schedule resource discovery for SharePoint.

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