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Adding a Box Application

In order to integrate with Box, first create an application entry in Data Access Security. This entry includes the identification, connection details, and other parameters necessary to create the link.

To add an application, use the New Application Wizard.

  1. Go to Admin > Applications.
  2. Select Add New to open the wizard.

General Details

  1. Review and edit the application's general details:

    • Application Type - Box
    • Application Name - Logical name of the application
    • Description - Description of the application
    • Tags - Select tags for the application from the dropdown list or type a new name. Select Enter to create a tag.
  2. Select Next to open the Connection Details page.

Connection Details

  1. Complete the Connection Details:

    • Enterprise ID - This comes from within Admin Console > Account & Billing
    • Public Key ID - Generated by Box after adding public key to Custom App. See step 12 in Prerequisites
    • Client ID - Refer to the Prerequisites section
    • Client Secret - Refer to the Prerequisites section
    • Private Key - Produces when performing a command as mentioned in Prerequisites
    • Private Key Password - Passphrase/password used when performing a command as mentioned Prerequisites
  2. Select Next.

You can now configure and schedule the permissions collection for Box.